The Love Code merges quantum science with ancient wisdom to create a unique spiritual technology that any one can learn and implement in their lives. The Love Code is a mind and heart expanding show with best-selling authors, quantum scientists, spiritual teachers as well as special guests who will share their healing miracles.

Simple Strategies for Building a Strong Immune System Charles Bens, PhD

Simple Strategies for Building a Strong Immune System  Charles Bens, PhD

Charles K. Bens, PhD is an author, speaker and wellness consultant specializing in the prevention and reversal of chronic disease. He is the founder and president of Healthy @ Work, Inc. a wellness education and consulting company focused on improving the health of employees. The company provides workshops on a wide range of health topics. He has written nine books including Healthy at Work: Your Pocket Guide to Good HealthThe Healthy Smoker: How To Quit Smoking By Becoming Healthier First and over 200 articles. Dr. Bens lectures all over the world on organizational change and improvement as well as on wellness and health improvement. He was selected by Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation as the Vail Visiting Professor for 2013.

Charles Bens - CEO - Healthy at Work | LinkedIn
Poetry Rx by Norman Rosenthal, MD

NORMAN E. ROSENTHAL, M.D. is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown Medical School and was the psychiatrist who first described seasonal affective disorder and pioneered the use of light in its treatment during his twenty years at the National Institute of Mental Health. He has researched other innovative psychiatric treatments and is the author of several books including the New York Times bestseller Transcendence: Healing and Transformation through Transcendental Meditation and the national bestseller Super Mind.  He currently maintains a private clinical and coaching practice in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. His work has earned him national and international attention in the world of psychiatry and psychology, as well as in the media.  



Your Time to Thrive with Marina Khidekel


Marina Khidekel is Thrive Global's Head of Content Development, bringing Thrive's corporate and consumer audiences compelling multimedia storytelling and actionable, science-backed advice to help lower stress and improve n.well-being. She has been a top editor for national media outlets including Women's HealthGlamour, and Cosmopolitan. She  co-authored with Arianna Huffington YOUR TIME TO THRIVE: End Burnout, Increase Well-Being, and Unlock Your Full Potential with the New Science of Microsteps.



Profound Healing Experiences with Frequency Medicine with Lisa Lothian 

Profound Healing Experiences with  Frequency Medicine with Lisa Lothian and Mary Hauser

Lisa Lothian is Certified BodyTalk practitioner a True Cellular Detox practitioner and coaches others to live toxin free. Her health and life has been profoundly transformed using the Healy technology.


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How to Shake off Negativity When It is All Around Us with Ruth Miller, Ph.D

Dr. Ruth Miller has degrees in anthropology, cybernetics and futures studies, and has worked as a futurist while teaching, writing and speaking about the nature of society and culture. She's the author of numerous books, including Making The World Go Away, and her latest, Spiritual Success & Uncommon Prayer, which reveals how we can lift ourselves out of the world's distress to create a new kind of life. 

Healing with  Loving Heart to Recover from  Brain Injury with Susana Stoica, Ph.D

Susana was born in Romania, worked in Canada and now resides in the United States. She has a Ph.D. in Computer Design Engineering and over 30 years of experience defining and using advanced technologies. During this time, she experienced two traumatic brain injuries on the same day, resulting in brain trauma and bone misalignment. The path to recovery was arduous and frustrating. She is also a born healer and enjoyed a dual career, in addition to engineering, working with doctors to heal people worldwide. Since her own trauma, Susana now focuses her healing practice on helping people with neural impairments. Author of 9 books, including five increasingly complex cookbooks on using healthy cooking to recover from brain trauma, she works with people worldwide helping them heal by correcting their energy fields. She is the author of Healing with a Loving Heart:Discover the Power of Energy Healing. 

The Power of Heart Intelligence with Deborah Rozman Ph.D

Deborah Rozman, Ph.D  has over 30 years of experience as a business executive, serial entrepreneur, psychologist, author, and educator. She has been involved with HeartMath since it’s inception, first as founding executive director of the nonprofit HeartMath Institute , then as executive Vice President of the HeartMath LLC, and for the past decade as a founding director, president and CEO oh of Quantum  Intech Inc.
The Art of Self Love with Kim Morrison

Kim Morrison is a 5 times best-selling, international award-winning author, creative director of Twenty8 Essentials, aromatherapist, health and lifestyle educator and a multi-tasking mum and wife. Kim is someone who shares her passion for health, using essential oils for wellness and knows it is the small daily rituals of self-care that accumulate into the powerful art of self love. Kim set a world record as the youngest female to run 100miles in less than 24 hours in 1989.  The 68 year old world record holder Cliff Young was her mentor at the time and to this day lives by his ethos that success is 90% mental and 10% physical. She has used her running story as a direct metaphor for life – riding the highs, hitting the walls, pushing through the pain barriers, crossing the line and never, ever giving up! She is the author of The Art of Self Love. 


Kim Morrison - The Wellness Couch

Navigating the Winds of Change with Steven Mana Trink
At the onset of the two years that Steven Mana Trink was in the process of rejuvenating and healing in a care facility, he was experiencing the yearning that he had felt many times before, but now it was stronger and constantly present: to share his heart-felt devotion, centered on vibrational medicine, healing and joyous living that inspires a higher consciousness, into a book for those who truly seek to embrace a life founded in love. “Navigating The Winds of Change, A Spiritual Guide To Embracing A loving Life” fulfills his hearts yearning. Mana’s insightful book reveals and teaches how our life’s experiences along with its’ greatest hardships can compel us to go deeper into our heart – consciousness, a place of infinite insights and discoveries. Throughout the past 27 years, Steven Mana Trink was at service as a Master Hypnotherapist, Epigenetic Therapist, Educator, Published Author, Abstract Artist, Natural Mentor and Spiritual Teacher. He helps empower us to perceive a greater awareness to the purpose of life, to flourish at our highest potential and to experience living a new and fulfilling reality.


Activating the Power of the Universe Within You with Kim Stanwood Terranova

 Kim Stanwood Terranova is committed to guiding people in fulfilling their greatest destiny. As a counselor, coach, speaker, author, and spiritual leader.  She has immersed herself in the study and practice of Universal spiritual truth and wisdom, with a degree in spiritual studies and as a licensed Practitioner of Truth through The Agape International Spiritual Center.  Her wisdom and warmth is appreciated as a lead teacher at the Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, as the Spiritual Director of the prestigious Summit Treatment Center in Malibu, California, and as a course creator and teacher of the Spiritual Liberation in Action class for the  Agape University. She has worked with and learned from many world-renowned spiritual teachers including Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Additionally, Kim is the founder of Namaste‘ Retreats, where she offers people a space to go deeper on their individual path of self-expression.  She is the author of  “The Technology of Intention: ” Activating the Power of the Universe Within You.
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