The Love Code merges quantum science with ancient wisdom to create a unique spiritual technology that any one can learn and implement in their lives. The Love Code is a mind and heart expanding show with best-selling authors, quantum scientists, spiritual teachers as well as special guests who will share their healing miracles.

Peter Sterling is one of the world’s premier harpists in the genre of new age and contemporary instrumental music. During his 28-year career with the harp, he’s had several #1 records on the international radio charts. He was a bronze and silver medal winner in the prestigious Global Music Awards, and he won the New Age/Ambient Song of the Year in the 2017 Hollywood Music and Media Awards. He is also a visual artist working in stained glass and digital photographic paintings he calls “Portals of Light”, which are a unique alchemy of photography, digital effects, crystal and gemstone powders which create multi-dimensional, holographic mandalas. He is the author of Hearing the Angel’s Sing: A True Story of Angelic Assistance

Dr Erica Elliott, MD, is a Medical Doctor in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with patients from across the country. She has lived in many different countries while growing up. Her adult life began as a school teacher on the Navajo Reservation in the early 1970s, she later became a Peace Corps volunteer in South America working as a bilingual educator, then went on to become a high-altitude mountain climber in the Andes, Outward Bound Instructor in the Colorado Rockies, and then a medical doctor in New Mexico. She helped found a co-housing community in Santa Fe, called The Commons, where she raised her son. Erica’s life has been a mythic journey of wonderment and life-changing experiences—including two major medical disasters—which ultimately led her to find her life purpose of service to those who are suffering. She is the author of Medicine and Miracles in the High Desert.

Cindy Jacobs is the founder and Program Director of Free Rein Australia since 2004.  She previously founded and managed a change management business serving large corporations in Australia and overseas for over 15 years.  Cindy also worked as an executive coach focusing on personal, professional, and leadership development.  In addition to being a certified coach she is a Transpersonal Counselor, and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.   Her work is inspired by her own experience with her herd of 16 horses and her discovery of what they offer to human growth and development.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, is the author and narrator of numerous bestselling books about mindfulness and meditation, including the classic, Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life. He is founding Executive Director of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He is also the founding director of its renowned Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Clinic and Professor of Medicine emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He received his Ph.D. in molecular biology from MIT in 1971 in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate, Salvador Luria. JON Jon has contributed to a growing movement to bring mindfulness into mainstream institutions such as medicine, and psychology, health care and hospitals, schools, corporations, the legal profession, prisons, and professional sports. He teaches mindfulness and MBSR in various venues around the world.


Rahm Adamedes and his wife have been bottling their wild harvested Australian essential oils and making organic products for 6 years. Their company Rare Earth Oils is a social enterprise focused on natural wellbeing, delivering quality, wild harvested oils, herbal balms and skin care. Designed by nature, proven by science and developed by their Master Herbalist with 40 years experience. Rare Earth Oils products are now enjoyed globally.   Their mission to deliver products from the local area, support local communities economically and minimise their carbon footprint have helped them achieve positive social impact.


Lynne Renoir was raised in an ultra-conservative Christian home, but despite fifty years of giving everything she had to her faith, she failed to experience anything like the transformation that is promised to believers. A problem she faced was how to explain the transformation that seemed to be occurring in the lives of others, including those who held different beliefs, and those who held none. Her pursuit of this question led her to complete a Master’s degree in Psychology, followed by a PhD in Philosophy. At the same time, she developed an interest in quantum theory, and read everything she could find by physicists and cosmologists who write for the general public. Carrying out research in these disciplines led her to the view that Christianity was not the path for her. What proved life transforming was the realization of her oneness with the whole of reality. Lynne is the author of two books, God Interrogated: Reinterpreting the Divine (to be published in March 2023), and her memoir, Leaving Faith, Finding Meaning—A Preacher’s Daughter’s Search for God. 

Dr. Thomas Jordan, who has helped thousands of individuals and couples enjoy more fulfilling relationships and experience more satisfying, longer-lasting love lives as a psychotherapist for the past 33 years, is the author of a breakthrough book Learn To Love: Guide to Healing Your Disappointing Love Life.  Dr. Jordan, who specializes in the treatment of chronic love life problems, founded the educational resource Love Life Learning Center in 2012. In 2017 he launched the Healthy Love Life Seminar, leading love life educational seminars with his wife. He is a graduate of the New York University’s Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology, and a faculty member of the post-doctoral program.  Since 1991 he has served as a psychological disability consultant for Verizon, Communication Workers Association, New York Police Department, Con Edison, United Nations, and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

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Michael Cremo, also known as the ‘forbidden archeologist’, is hailed as a groundbreaking research pioneer and international authority on archeological anomalies. His landmark bestseller, Forbidden Archeology, first published in 1993, already translated into 26 languages, challenged the very foundation of Darwinian evolution.  Michael continues to “dig up” enigmatic discoveries in the fossil record and “shake up” accepted paradigms, exploring famous archeological sites around the world, journeying to sacred places in India, appearing on national television shows in the United States or other countries, lecturing at mainstream science conferences, or speaking to alternative gatherings of global intelligentsia. He is also the author of Human Devolution: a Vedic alternative to Darwin’s theory
As he crosses disciplinary and cultural boundaries, he presents to his various audiences a compelling case for negotiating a new consensus on the nature of reality.  He is a member of the World Archeological Congress and the European Association of Archaeologists as well as a research associate in history and philosophy of science for the Bhaktivedanta Institute.
Babita Shrestha  is a plant-based chef, photographer, graphic designer, and the author of "Plant-based Himalaya". She enjoys creating new unique flavors in all of her endeavors. Babita grew up in the Terai region of Nepal until the age of 12, then moved to the hilly region of Kathmandu where she was traditionally trained to cook by her mother. As the oldest child of the family, it was her responsibility to cook and it quickly grew into a true passion of hers. The unstable political situation in Nepal and her love of filmmaking brought Babita to study film in the United States over a decade ago. There she discovered graphic design and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Later, as an entrepreneur, she started Vegan Nepal in Lexington, Kentucky in 2017. In 2019, Babita put her full focus on her passion project, a beautifully photographed cookbook titled “Plant-Based Himalaya”. Every recipe, photo, illustration, and even the layout are of her own fabrication.

Angelo Druda practices Oriental Medicine in Cobb, CA. He is the founder of Traditional Botanical Medicine, the author of “The Tao of Rejuvenation” and a contributor to “Easy Death” by Adi Da Samraj. Elizabeth Kubler Ross called “Easy Death” : “A masterpiece” of death and dying wisdom. Angelo has offered seminars and webinars all over the world on how to prepare for death and how to serve the dying.  He has served and instructed hundreds of people in their own death process. 

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