The Love Code merges quantum science with ancient wisdom to create a unique spiritual technology that any one can learn and implement in their lives. The Love Code is a mind and heart expanding show with best-selling authors, quantum scientists, spiritual teachers as well as special guests who will share their healing miracles.

Master Sher O’Rourke has been trained and certified by the Tao Academy and Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha in the practice of spiritual healing and transformation. Before taking over as the director and becoming one of the leading teachers of Master Sha Tao Healing Centre in Toronto, Master Sher successfully managed her own spiritual counselling practice for many years. Sher believes that she was led to this role in her life by divine arrangement. Having spent 25 years in a career working in theatre and film, Sher found herself part of the human drama when a twist of fate led her to becoming bedridden due to chronic fatigue. Through discovering Master Sha’s teachings and using his simple yet effective Soul Power techniques, Sher healed and transformed her condition. Sher has led thousands of soul practitioners through the same process of healing that she has experienced, helping them not only to heal but to become powerful healers. 
Talking Points:
  • personal healing journey with chronic fatigue?
  • How did it impact your career?
  • So you reinvented yourself and became a healer, an agent of transformation?
  • How would you describe your life today? Share some positive experiences people have had with your work
  • Your work with those suffering from Chronic and Serious illness in your signature program Pathway to Wellness
  • What is the latest in the healing technology you are offering – Tao Chang.
  • Where can people see you – next events etc.

Francisco Quintero is a certified Master Teacher of the Tao Academy, who has developed training programs in several continents around the world based on the wisdom and teachings of Master Zhi Gang Sha. As the leading teacher at the Tao Academy, he shares his great expertise and knowledge and has assisted in training over 6,000 Tao Hands Practitioners, Soul Teachers, and Soul Communicators. Master Francisco has been featured on German television and BBC Radio, as well as in numerous European publications. As the author of Divine Joy: How to Experience Joy in Daily Life, Master Francisco teaches others how to overcome life’s challenges to create a joyful life, by using simple yet powerful practices based on ancient wisdom. As a first-generation American of parents who immigrated from Mexico to the United States, Master Francisco followed his parents’ dream of attaining a good education. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and began his career teaching math and training math teachers at middle schools. A diagnosis of high blood pressure changed his life. Based on his family’s cultural beliefs about natural medicine and herbs, he began to explore alternative medicine. He began his spiritual journey and has traveled with Master Sha to more than 30 cities across five continents to teach ancient wisdom and very effective methods to enhance every aspect of life. Master Francisco continues to travel worldwide to teach and train practitioners and teachers and to help people all over the world to live flourishing, happy, and healthy lives.


Yun Rou (the name means Soft Cloud) has been called the new Alan Watts. Born Arthur Rosenfeld in New York City, he received his academic background at Yale, Cornell, and the University of California, and was ordained a Daoist monk in China in 2012. Host of the hit National Public Television show “Longevity Tai Chi”, he is the author more than 15 books, including award-winning novels optioned for film in Hollywood and Asia. His articles have appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Parade, Newsweek, The Wall Street JournalWebMD, Fox Business News, and numerous other websites and newspapers. Monk Yun Rou began his formal martial arts training in 1980 and has studied with some of China’s top tai chi grandmasters. In 2011 he was named Tai Chi Master of The Year at the World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Love Code for  Healing OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) with David  Lusch
 David Lusch is a widely recognized top teacher at Master Sha’s Tao Academy, a soul practitioner, and author. He travels worldwide offering Tao wisdom and has trained thousands Soul Practitioners and teachers. His personal journey of healing and transformation is deeply inspiring and motivating.     He has a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University and has worked in the high-tech industry.  David went through life suffering from an incurable mental disorder that he was supposed to manage and suffer from for the rest of his life. At the age of ten,  David started suffering from negative, obsessive thoughts, fears, worries, anxieties and compulsions of counting and touching things. Two years later, he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).    After suffering for over half his life, he met Dr. and Master Sha who helped him transform and heal his condition. Today Master David, as he is known,  empowers people to remove their suffering and overcome their life challenges. He offers blessings, life and spiritual guidance, mentoring, and teachings.  
 Say Hello Healing Formula
“Dear Soul, Mind, and Body of my _______ (organ, system, request),
I love you.
You have the power to heal yourself.
Do a good job.
Thank you.”
Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a soul leader, a world-renowned master healer, and a divine servant.  He is the creator of Soul Mind Body Medicine.  He was trained as a conventional medical doctor in China and a doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine in Canada and China.  The founder of the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment and the Love Peace Harmony Movement, Master Sha is a grandmaster of many ancient disciplines, including qigong, tai chi, kung fu, feng shui, and the I Ching.  Master Sha is also an expert in the most advanced cellular healing science now occurring in China.  In the West, he is involved in breakthrough research on the effects of spirit on the human system.  Master Sha was named Qigong Master of the Year at the Fifth World Congress on Qigong.  In 2006, he was honored with the prestigious Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for his humanitarian efforts.  His television program, The Power of Soul, debuted on public television in July 2010.  Master Sha is a 11-time New York Times bestselling author of 22 books. His latest book, The Tao Classic of Longevity and Immortality is  the  #1 book on Amazon.