The Love Code merges quantum science with ancient wisdom to create a unique spiritual technology that any one can learn and implement in their lives. The Love Code is a mind and heart expanding show with best-selling authors, quantum scientists, spiritual teachers as well as special guests who will share their healing miracles.

Harmful Environmental Chemicals: What you Can Do to Reduce Exposures, Reduce Risk for Chronic Diseases and Infections with Dr. Aly Cohen
Dr. Aly Cohen is a board certified rheumatologist, integrative medicine, as well as an environmental health expert in Princeton, New Jersey. She has collaborated with the Environmental Working Group, and other disease-prevention organizations, and is co-editor of the textbook, “Integrative Environmental Medicine”. In 2015, she created to share environmental health, disease-prevention, and wellness information with the public. She lectures nationally on environmental health topics for elementary/high schools, colleges/universities, medical schools, and physician-training programs, and she is a regular expert guest for television, print, and podcasts.
Dr. Cohen is working to educate and empower the next generation to make safer, smarter lifestyle choices through the creation of environmental health and prevention curricula for schools nationally. Her consumer book, “Non-Toxic: Guide to Living Healthy in a Chemical World", will be released in 2020.
 Her TEDx talk, How to Protect Your Kids from Toxic Chemicals", can be found on YouTube. 
You can follow her health and wellness tips and recommendations on Facebook at The Smart Human, Twitter and Instagram: @thesmarthuman, and sign up for her newsletter and read her regular posts at
Self Healing through Quantum Consciousness and Frequencies with Mike Curley
Mike is recognized as one of Australia's leading experts and educators of Health Professionals in Nutritional and Herbal Biochemistry,  Natural Medicines and Quantum Healing. Previously, Technical Director for Metagenics in Australia, Mike has an academic background in immunology, pharmacology and biochemistry. Engaged through personal necessity to explore energetic healing of his own dis-ease, Mike became an expert and assisted Dr. Carolyn McMackin, in bringing Frequency Specific Microcurrent into Australia over 20 years ago. Mixing explorations in consciousness and practical applications, you will quickly understand Mike’s purpose and commitment to helping people discover their innate self healing abilities and what tools are available to assist them in their Souls journey back to health and harmony. 
Becoming a New Human, Homo Luminous with Alberto Villoldo
Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., is a medical anthropologist, psychologist and shaman, who studied the spiritual practices of the Amazon and the Andes for more than 30 years.   While at San Francisco State University, he founded the Biological Self-Regulation Laboratory to study how the mind creates psychosomatic health and disease.  Alberto is founder of the world-renowned Four Winds Society and of the Light Body School.  In his teachings and writings, he shares the experience of infinity and its ability to heal and transform us, to free us from the temporal chains that keep us fettered to illness, old age and disease. He instructs individuals throughout the world in the practice of energy medicine. Alberto has written numerous bestselling books, including Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment (with David Perlmutter, MD  Shaman, Healer, Sage; One Spirit Medicine and How to Grow a New Body. 

PACHAKUTEQ - Time of Change - The return of the Light 

A Practical Guide for Realizing Samadhi  with Daniel Schmidt
Daniel Schmidt  has been practicing meditation and self inquiry for over 20 years and has been teaching meditation  for 10 years, and draws on many different traditions in his teachings. Daniel is the creator of the award-winning film "Inner Worlds Outer Worlds" as well as the ongoing "Samadhi" series.
Most recently he released a series of guided meditations and teachings as a practical guide to realizing Samadhi. His approach combines self-inquiry with traditional forms meditation so that participants have the opportunity to simultaneously realize their transcendent nature, and to purify themselves of conditioned patterns.The pathless path is to realize an ever-deepening development process within the self structure, and to simultaneously realize what is always already beyond the self structure. Samadhi is when the world that is constantly changing merges or unites with the changeless.

How We Can Overcome  Times of High Anxiety with Tara Henley


Tara Henley is a Canadian Broadcaster and writer whose new book, LEAN OUT (Penguin-RandomHouse, March 2020), shows how people are overcoming anxiety brought on by everything from Covid-19 to overwork.  Henley knows of this trend personally – what she thought of as a health crisis wasn’t a cardiac event, but instead anxiety that told her it was time to slow down.  What Tara then learned as she searched for answers can change how we look at the biggest issues of our time.


Twitter @tararhenley 


-The unique anxiety and stress brought on by Covid-19
-How to manage this growing anxiety when nothing is normal.  
-What was driving anxiety rates up before the Covid-19 crisis.
-How the health crisis has hidden gifts – like forcing us to lean out.
-Why self-help is not the solution, and how to shift our thinking.

-How income inequality is actually the issue underlying every crisis we’re facing.
-The power of human connection and the role of the tribe in healing ourselves.
-What the lasting impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic might be.

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