The Love Code merges quantum science with ancient wisdom to create a unique spiritual technology that any one can learn and implement in their lives. The Love Code is a mind and heart expanding show with best-selling authors, quantum scientists, spiritual teachers as well as special guests who will share their healing miracles.

Jonathan Glass, M.Ac, is an author and co-creator of the Total Life Cleanse and JivAtma Energy Healing. He is a Master Acupuncturist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, herbalist and Natural Health Educator. Jonathan served on the faculty of the New England School of Acupuncture and the Dharma Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda. He has facilitated thousands through his individual and group-supported transformational  cleanse and JivAtma Energy Healing programs for over twenty years. Jonathan has been in private practice since 1987 when he co-founded the Healing Essence Center with his wife Katherine, in Concord, Massachusetts.  He is the author of the Total Life Cleanse.
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