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Why Teach Meditation to Children with Claudia Thompson

Claudia Thompson is currently a Master Teacher of Master Sha’s Tao Academy, as well as an Interior Decorator and consultant who owned her own antique store for 21 years. She met Master Sha 8 years ago and received amazing healing results for a soccer injury, which inspired her to become a practitioner herself.Claudia has a passion for serving children and has volunteered in schools for over 25 years. During this time, she witnessed the stress and struggles that children and teachers faced on a daily basis. Now she brings Master Sha’s wisdom and practices into the class rooms. She is called “Miss Love Peace and Harmony” by her students. She teaches them meditation and mindful practices while playing the Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony, which she learned from Master Sha.  This loving song has a positive impact on the children, helping to balance their emotions and minds for optimum learning. Claudia shares her teacher’s mission to make others happier and healthier and will continue to spread Love Peace Harmony to children and schools.


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